We are an organization that is committed to achieving excellence in delivering quality care and believe in innovation through continuous education and ongoing quality improvement. You can access our presentations and research below.


Pelusi T, Rege S, Vitorino S. Collaborative Approach on Medication Administration in Community Care. Poster Presentation at Health Quality Transformation 2017

Rege S. Seniors Care in the 21st Century: What’s Changing and How Can Technology Best Serve as an Enabler? Presentation at IoT HealthCare 2017

Applebaum R. Client and Caregiver Quality Support – Enabling Independent Living at Home. Presentation at CARP Chapter 52, 2017

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Applebaum R. Innovative Supports for Seniors. Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association Conference 2014.

Applebaum R. Senior’s Health & Wellness ASSIST Model CSS. Building Community Capacity to Deliver Care Conference, June 26, 2007


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