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Application Process

Application Process for Peel Senior Link's Supports For Daily Living Program

The Government of Ontario funds our Supports for Daily Living program. We serve clients in 10 different buildings and also in the neighbourhoods around those buildings.  You may move into those buildings or stay at your current home. 

Eligibility Criteria:

  • 65 years or older
  • Valid Ontario Health Card
  • Require personal care and home making services while requiring multiple security checks throughout the day.
  • Medically stable, can be left alone with no constant supervision required.
  • Agree that long-term care placement or an alternative housing arrangement may be required when care level increases to a level that is unsafe or not appropriate for Peel Senior Link.
  • Must be living in the Mississauga, Brampton location.

If the applicant lives in the Mississauga Halton LHIN (Mississauga only if applying for Peel Senior Link), please follow the following procedure of referral:

  • Referrals are received from many different sources. For Peel Senior Link Services a standardized Supports for Daily Living (SDL) Referral Form is used.
  • SDL Central Registry (is housed at Nucleus Independent Living) but works on behalf of all SDL Providers, including Peel Senior Link.
  • All health care professionals and community partners are expected to fill the form provided and fax it to SDL Central Registry @ 905-829-0555
  • General public  referrals/inquires should be directed to SDL Central Registry @ 905-829-4499 Ext. 122
    • Eligible referrals will be put on a waitlist prioritized based on combination of level of need for SDL services as well as current usage of healthcare resources (i.e. Hospital discharges take priority etc.)
    • A detailed assessment may take place, if not already done so in the last 6 months prior to admission.

Central Registry is responsible for:

  • Ensuring ech new referral has a current RAI Assessment
  • Current RAI-HC from CCAC or new RAI-CHA
  • All referrals must meet all SDL eligibility requirements
  • Track activity and demand for SDL services
  • Assist in facilitating trasnfers among all SDL providers
  • Monitor each client's health condition to ensure ongoing eligiblity, when client's needs become too high, SDL engages CCAC to conduct a RAI-HC and prepare LTC placement documentation.
  • When a Referral is received by Central Registry the following information is shared by fax/scan/email:
    • Consumer's basic demographic information
    • RAI-CHA/CHA assessment results
    • Consumer's current service plan details (includes times and tasks)
    • Other pertinent details (i.e. family members involved in care, any incidents, special needs, etc.)
    • Dialog with consumer and/or family member(s).

If the applicant lives in the Central West LHIN (Brampton only if applying for Peel Senior Link), please follow the following procedure of referral:

  • All health care professionals and community partners must contact CW CCAC in order to apply for Peel Senior Link services.  All referrals must come through CW CCAC.  Please call Central West CCAC @ 905-796-0040 for Peel Senior Link. referrals.


Peel Senior Link is located in 6 Mississauga sites and 2 Brampton sites, that are owned and operated by Peel Living. The other 2 sites are owned and operated by Wisma mega Indah, and Wawa Villa. 

if you require subsidizied housing, please contact Peel Access to Housing at 905-453-1300 and/or fill out the following application. 

Download the Peel Access To Housing (PATH) housing application from the Peel Living website,click or call Peel Living at 905 453-1300 to get an application package mailed to you.

  1. Download the Peel Living Market Rent housing application, click here or call 905 453-2500 for more information. Please submit this Market Rent housing application to Peel Senior Link.
  2. If you would like to apply to Turtle Creek Manor, 1510 Lakeshore Road West, click here. You must also complete the Household Income and Assets Review form, click here. Please call the landlord (Wawel Villa) directly for rental information at 905 823-3650.
  3. After we receive your completed application and medical information from your physician, a staff member of Peel Senior Link will contact you to arrange a meeting with you.
  4. Following this meeting, if your application is approved, you will likely be placed on a waiting list for the program building of your choice.
  5. We have applicants who currently live within their chosen program building and applicants living outside the program buildings.
  6. Our waiting list is re-prioritized on a needs basis with each new applicant. It is not run on a "first come-first served" basis.
  7. Your wait for service may be as short as 3-4 months or as long as 4-5 years