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Strategic Alliances

A Service Coordination Agency

Peel Senior Link is primarily a service co-ordination agency, and must work closely with other community service providers to achieve its goals.

Peel Living

Peel Living is a nationally recognized leader in the provision of innovative and affordable housing in the Region of Peel. The Corporation is well respected for the sound advice and assistance it provides to various levels of government and private sector organizations and the development of policies and new directions for affordable housing.

Since opening its first site in 1979, Peel Living's portfolio has grown to more than 5,400 units in the Cities of Brampton and Mississauga and the Town of Caledon. Peel Living residents include seniors, families, singles and persons with special needs. Integral to the success of Peel Living's social housing approach is a deliberate mix among residents, with some receiving rental assistance through income-based subsidies and others paying market rent.

Wawel Villa

Wawel Villa is a charitable organization that was incorporated in 1968 to provide seniors with suitable accommodation and support services to allow them to age in place. Wawel Villa owns and operates two senior citizens homes with a total of about 225 units - 880 Clarkson Street (Mississauga) and Turtle Creek Manor (Mississauga).

Community Care Access Centres - Mississauga Halton/Central West

The mandate of CCAC is to co-ordinate the provision of medical services such as nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, or social work, to people in their homes. CCAC works with Peel Senior Link to provide services to designated clients. Peel Senior Link's intervention is a social intervention, and they refer to CCAC when medical services are needed. The services of CCAC are not required for all Peel Senior Link clients, but when they are, the two agencies work together.


Peel Senior Link works closely with custodians and superintendents in the buildings that it serves.

Philips Lifeline

Peel Senior Link provides the Lifeline Program to residents in the Region of Peel since through our partnership with Philips Lifeline.

Lifeline's Personal Response and Support Service provides you with peace of mind to live independently at home - knowing that help is just a push of a button away. When you press your Personal Help Button, you are connected within seconds to a highly trained Lifeline Response Centre Associate who accesses your personal health profile, assesses your situation and arranges for the appropriate assistance. This can include notifying friends or family if necessary. The Associate will also follow up to make sure help arrives. Our experienced and caring Associates have only one mission: to get you the best care possible, fast.

Lifeline is suited to those who are:

  • Home alone on a frequent basis
  • At risk for falls
  • Using adaptive devices to assist with walking
  • Managing a medical condition
  • Considering a move to an assisted living facility
  • At risk for readmission

Lifeline Systems Canada manages and operates the Lifeline Program on behalf of Peel Senior Link.

You can order Lifeline by callingĀ 1-866-428-7449 or visiting

Other Partners

There are many other service agencies in the community that Peel Senior Link will collaborate with, these include St. Elizabeth Visiting Nurse, many government offices, hospitals, the CNIB, and The Canadian Hearing Society.