We are an organization that is committed to achieving excellence in delivering quality care and believe in innovation through continuous education and ongoing quality improvement. You can access our presentations and research below.

Hong J, Mian A, Rege S, Ward M. What the Community Sector can learn from Aviation Checklists. Presentation at Community Connect – OCSA Conference 2018.

Pelusi T, Rege S, Vitorino S. Collaborative Medication Delivery Model in Community Care. Presentation at Achieving Excellence Together 2018 – Health Shared Services Ontario Conference

Hendry C, Mian A, Rege S. Blockchain’s role in improving outcomes in Seniors Community Care. Presentation at Blockchain in Healthcare Canada.

Rege, S. Getting Ready for Big Data: A Journey through Data Governance. Presentation at 3rd Annual IoT, Big Data Healthcare Summit.

Applebaum R. Caregiver Support. Presentation at the Probus Club of Brampton – Central Peel. April 2018

Pelusi T, Rege S, Vitorino S. Collaborative Approach on Medication Administration in Community Care. Poster Presentation at Health Quality Transformation 2017

Rege S. Seniors Care in the 21st Century: What’s Changing and How Can Technology Best Serve as an Enabler? Presentation at IoT HealthCare 2017

Applebaum R. Client and Caregiver Quality Support – Enabling Independent Living at Home. Presentation at CARP Chapter 52, 2017

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Applebaum R. Innovative Supports for Seniors. Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association Conference 2014.

Applebaum R. Senior’s Health & Wellness ASSIST Model CSS. Building Community Capacity to Deliver Care Conference, June 26, 2007

Applebaum R. Sharing without Merging – A New Joint Venture Initiative – Ontario Community Support Association – Great Ideas Conference, October 2012

The Centre for Research and Education in Human Services. Peel Senior Link – Report of an Evaluation of 16 & 24 Hour Care, August 1999

Peel Senior Link and Sheridan College. Building Connected Communities: Reducing Loneliness and Social Isolation in Immigrants 65+ – Goal and Project Description | September 2017 Newsletter.


Aging in Peel – Rogers TV

The ‘Aging in Peel’ series on Rogers Television was created and hosted by Raymond Applebaum, CEO, Peel Senior Link. Pat Spadafora, Director, Sheridan Centre for Elder Research joined the show as co-host. We express our appreciation to Rogers Television who taped and aired the show over a 3 year period, and initially offered community airtime for a show.

The purpose of Aging in Peel was to educate and inform, advocate, and assist community residents, caregivers, and practitioners in learning about local issues and challenges, and providing access to programs and services for older adults and their families. The show proved most successful and as a result, a similar show Aging in Ottawa was created on Rogers Television with a similar format.

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