Medication Management

In 2010, Peel Senior Link (PSL) partnered with Resident Care Pharmacy to provide medication management services to PSL clients. This program supports clients on multiple drug regimens or who have difficulty with medication compliance. The medication management program was described as a ‘unique’ and ‘innovative’ program by Accreditation Canada.

Resident Care Pharmacy provides medication in blister packs to each of Peel Senior Link’s 11 sites across Mississauga and Brampton. All blister packs remain within a secured environment. Client who are cognitively well enough to manage their own medication, but due to their forgetfulness need staff to remind them at a specific time will receive medication reminders either via phone or in-person. Clients that require cuing or encouragement to take their medications receive medication supervision, whereby a Personal Support Worker instructs the clients to take their medications during the visit.

See why the Medication Process Quality Improvement Plan was awarded the 2015 Partnering for a Healthier Tomorrow Awards for High Quality, Person-Centred Care.




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