Mission, Vision and Values

Our Vision

Leading in the expansion of services for seniors in need of support in our community

Our Mission

Quality and valued assisted living services by helping seniors live independently with dignity and respect

Our Values


  • At Peel Senior Link (PSL) we show respect for all people – staff, clients, families and stakeholders.
  • We recognize that all people are unique and we respect different opinions, thoughts and ideas.
  • We honour confidentiality and the privacy of others.
  • We believe that our people are our greatest asset and we treat them with due respect.


  • At PSL we value the right of all our clients to receive high-quality, safe and consistent client-centred care.  We are committed to continuing to work to benchmark excellence in quality care and utilize a recognized standardized approach.

Equity and Diversity

  • At PSL we value diversity and believe in the fair treatment of our staff, clients, families and stakeholders.
  • We treat all people fairly.
  • We promote our cultural and unique differences and embrace our similarities.
  • We believe that together our diverse staff can accomplish extraordinary things.


  • At PSL we value and encourage open communication.
  • We communicate so that we are heard and understood.
  • We listen to staff, clients, families, and stakeholders because this is the path to understanding.
  • We communicate recognition of staff’s contribution to a positive environment.


  • At PSL we value learning.
  • We believe that to become a model of excellence we must be continuously innovative, constantly learning and developing.
  • We believe that to become a leader in our field, we must be progressive in seeking out the latest knowledge and skills, and put that knowledge and those skills into practice.


  • At PSL we value our scarce resources and constantly assess their deployment to maintain and sustain our commitment to quality care
  • We seek the required resources to address the growing need for community care
  • We will continue to maintain all regulatory, accountability, and accreditation standards

Fabric of the Community

  • At PSL we value feedback through community engagement.  Understanding the needs of the community we are serving is imperative to defining, developing and offering relevant services within the community and to the community.
  • We are not solely interested in working in the community, we are interested in becoming part of the community we serve.
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